Monday, July 19, 2010

180710 Unikeb - Port Dickson

I'm not saying that PD is easy, but over the years - it gets easier. I remember the first time I took up...actually took back cycling. Didn't know that I'm gonna be this serious!

Even Putrajaya was an achievement. But after the long trek across Kelantan - Terengganu & back, my confidence level is at a all time high. It suddenly sky-rocketed! No distance is too far - no terrain impossible.

To that, I'd like to thank Cikgu Ali (Who is currently in Keluang, Johor) & Zharin sort off introduced me back into cycling.

Cikgu Ali & me, TM Blue Ride 220106

Look at my puffy cheeks & round belly!

Zharin, Hasif & me 180206 Putrajaya

Without his perseverance & words of comfort that I could do whatever I want (At 40 then now pusing 45) Ha ha! I have come quite a long way I would say since scooldays - be in strength, endurance & what I am right now. Come to think of it, I feel stronger than ever. Hmm...bikes are a ton lighter than those days.

1983 Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang

The clan rolled-off from Unikeb close to 8:00am, destination unsure. One kept questioning the other, but to a blur. We should ride to PD deep down my heart, I murmur.

10 km after we were joined by another group lead by Bachin Bucuk, Nana Alwin, Jai, Anchik & Jaja Shah (who just came back from maternity leave/confinement).
Gilp! The time I met Jaja was probably a year plus ago. Sheer luck! They're heading for PD too, maybe till Teluk Kemang/Bloo Lagoon.
I could see that they're a fast paced pack. Makin the clan push to a 30+++kph than our usual 28kph. If you cant beat them-join them instead. Jaja trailed but was anchored by Nana Alwin.

Syarul Hulk had to take a rain-cheque & U turned in Salak old town.

We rendezvoused at every planned junction & proceeded towards out goal, PD

15 minutes it was, the time we took to scour PD town looking for a place to fill our growling tummy. Eventually we stumbled by a nice small "Warung"/stall by the train tracks that sat right in front of a huge rain tree. It's not really about the location but the "Extras" that came with it. The food is simple but it was the "Makchik's" daughter that made the food seemed better!

We chatted quite a bit & moved on albeit the oogling by some people who are unused to the company of humans with tight crotches. I hope I'm not gonna succumb to any stomach churning problems on the trek back to base.
As the skies slowly began showed her dark side, we stopped awhile by the seafront & posed beneath the rumbling sky.

As there were too many red, yellow & green lights along Jalan Lukut we had no choice but to just follow the traffic flow. Not until we reach the last left turn towards Bukit Pelandok, someone started a blistering pace. One began trying to outdo one another as we scrapped the tarmac. 200 meters to the top of Bukit Pelandok I was totally out of breath & rolled down the peak left alone by the leaders.

Wak Jali, Nana Alwin, Jai, Najib & baby

Anchik, Jaja Shah, Wak Rozaili, & Bulek

me, Norman, Bachin Bucuk & Anchik

Regrouped at a gas station in Pekan Sepang Lama/Old Sepang Town & waited up for the rest. Some just passed us by without blinking & rode straight even as we howled for them to stop. Of course they cant hear. Thunder had drowned our cries.

Wak Jali arrived with Jaja & Nana Alwin. After some pee weeing & more rejuvenating drinks, we clipped & returned onto the saddle. Then it poured so hard that it was so impossible to see without sunshades. At that particular moment, how I wish I had glasses like Elton John...

Shud have bought these.

Elton John with his wiper sunglasses, happy & gay...

Route: Bandar Baru Bangi - Port Dickson

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bacin said...

hmmmm mane gambaq anak makcik kedai tu? :p

Man CIOCC said...

Dia jelmaan je.
Sya ambik tapi tah mcm mana gambaq dia hilang...takuuuuuut. Warong tu dekat bawah pokok besaq.
Takpa, lein kali kita cuba tangkap dia.