Monday, August 2, 2010

010810 Bdr Baru Bangi - Perez

010810 Bandar Baru Bangi - Genting Peras (Perez)

Talk about levin @ 7:30 am. Hmmm, it was not until almost 8 am that finally we rolled off from my pod.

Waited up for Rizal & Rahman Eddy Mercks got lost on the old road to Semenyih. Luckily he didn't follow Mr. Won & ended up dazed in Kajang Market! And so we rendezvoused with Rahman EM by Billion supermarket Semenyih & spun through Jalan Sungai Lalang. If you're wonderin who Rahman EM is, lemme explain. He just transferred him & his family from Ipoh & immediately clicked with the clan afterwards.

Probably half way thru Jlan Sg. Lalang, Iskandar, with thick Kedahan accent blurted "Geghek aku panchat woi, hangpa kena stop no..." as his bike wobbled under the punctured C50 wheelies.

Lookin at the watch, I knew we're gonna be really2 late & someone gonna get whipped by the glarin sun.

Rahman Ujang Brava popped out the tube & the tube-head gave way. A senior guard from the TNB sub station peeped thru his small guard house & curiously come over to us, wonderin what's the commotion all about. One small puncture but the noise we made woke up this weary eyed old man from his snooze.

The dam looms ahead but I dare not tell them the steepness of the incline. Afraid they might chicken-off or give up too early. But they took it in their stride & caught Rahman Ujang Brava yapping under the Orang Asli/Indigenous People's hut.

Rahman Ujang Brava yapping away...

The seniors kept mum all the while till the junction of Bt 18 & Perez & told them not to press too hard up the 10 km climb.

Rahman EM pressed hard & made it the 1st time but Mr. Won & Iskandar had to call it a day.

Rahman EM with his Eddy Mercks

Wak Jali, Baby, Cikgu Hisyam, Rahman UB
Rahman EM, me, my twin & Rizal single speedo

Rollin down was easy but I felt rather nauseous due to the fact that I ate too little b4 the ride. Rollin up & down to Tekala was so critical this time as I felt so weak. Parking in the usual stall, we wallop a few kilos of fried Cempedak & quite a few packets of nasi lemak. Drinks aside. I think we drank the water well dry!

Iskandar took a tumble

These two new boys have are tuff.
Eventhough Rahman EM almost wanted his wife to pick him up - he rode all the way back with us till BBB but succumbed to cramps for five (5) days!
I got to know Iskandar durin last year's Putrajaya Critical Mass - the monthly last Friday nite of the month community ride. This was probably the furthest ride he had ever tried. He had cramps 25 km till the end & fell off the bike with the shoe clips on.

I know, both of you were cursing the terrain & the mess I got you people into. Torture it was but you will thank me for the mileage had made you tougher & wiser.

Jalan Reko - Semenyih - Tekala - Perez (Genting Peras)

Google route


Geghek - Bicycle
Panchat - Puncture
Hangpa - You guys

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