Monday, August 9, 2010

080810 Unikeb - Lenggeng - Mendum, N9

Anna & Zaza

Anna lead the clan so gracefully on her new BMC.

Since Anna & Zaza rode with us, we decided not to burn the tarmac today. We let the gurls lead.

Barely 10km onto the ride, the skies turned grey. I was so dull-looking & it looks as if we're teleported to another realm. The ride up Semenyih Hill never looked so eerie before. The beauty of it is - It was so cool, misty - So surreal...

Surreal - riding into another dimension...

Broga Town

Took a breather in Broga tiny lovable town & later caught an uncle on an old motorbike. I sprinted others followed suit for about 5km & all of the sudden the old man & his bike made an unexpected turn into a lane by the rubber plantation. Damn, he was doin 35kph & what a fun tailing behind him.

Abang Zainuddin Harun offering his banana to Wak Jali.
"Mine are bigger & longer than yours" he said.

We regrouped in Lenggeng & met up with a couple of riders form the Perpatih Cycling Community but Baby, Sharul Hulk, Rahman & Zaza decided not to hit the Mendum Hill. Baby wasn't feelin too well & Sharul Hulk had a bad knee problem - as usual.

Abang Zainuddin Harun from Paroi, N9 was kind enuff to offer us some bananas to top-up our potassium intake. Zainuddin Haron who is 50 years of age & a father of five, completed the 1 Malaysia solo ride across the country. The 2100km trek took 15 days. More news on him here & here.

A couple of guys went ahead & left me & Anna. let's see if Anna can survive this hellova mount. Told her not too hit hard as you'd bonk early if you did. Overtook her & passed by Rahman EM who was so determined to conquer this hill. He puffed hard & let out a couple of "Oooh & Arrgh".

Cikgu Hisyam veered form left to right & finally succumbed to the terrain. "After five (5) tries, I could only reach the top once" he said later at the regular Nasik Lemak Ikan Keli stall. That made some squirm even thinking about it.

With Rahman EM's breath right behind my back I tried to catch up with Wak Jali but to no avail. This 50 ++ year otai is a force to be reckoned with.

Rahman EM - ever so determined

Look @ the gradient. What the *$@&!

Anna rode up Mendum Hill without a huff - putting some of us to shame. Didn't even smudge her lip-gloss with her make-up still intact!

Azam's pores were all wet & really slippery, if u know what I mean. ;P

me, Rahman EM, Nuri, Anna, Wak Jali, Azam, my twin, Dr. Taufik & my clone

The hardcore ones reached to the top all right with the bikes all so light. But what really surprises me most was when Nuri's cousins - with regular MTBs, placed themselves amongst the conquerors of Mendum's mount.

me, Wak Jali, my twin, Zaza, Dr. Taufik, Azam, Nuri & his cousins
Anna, Rahman Ujang Brava, Cikgi Hisyam, Suarul Hulk, Baby & Rahman EM

After the gluttony of catfish in hot chili gravy, we rode home almost peacefully. Until the barren untarred road shook my bony physique. We were damn lucky not to pop any tyres but 2km of unevenness scarred my lovable ride.

Unikeb UKM - Semenyih - Lenggeng - Mendum

Google Route

Teleported / Teleportation
Is the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously. Teleportation has been widely utilized in works of science fiction. The word is a combination of the Greek prefix tele- (meaning "distant") to the Latin verb portare (meaning "to carry"). One means of teleportation proposed in fiction (e.g., The Fly, Heroes, Star Trek) is the transmission of data which is used to precisely reconstruct an object or organism at its destination. However, to travel from one point to another instantaneously (faster than light travel) is, as of today, believed to be impossible.

In the Malay kingdom, teleportation does exist. It has been told that a Bomoh/Shaman have the ability to teleport. It was reported tht during the old days, a period where doctors are scarse. Deep within the fringe of a jungle, there is a kampong - as there usually are. A young mother was about to give birth will need assistance form a traditional midwives (known as bidan kampung or "village midwife"). Story goes, one nite as the husband seeked her help, this village midwife
asked him to returned home instead. Baffled, he then walked home in darkness many miles away. Upon reaching his house hours later, to his surprise - the midwife had already helped deliver his baby!
As the story goes, most of these midwives have command over tigers & other beastly creatures. They'd summoned these animals & ride them to their destinations. Sometimes using them as their beast of burden. Thats teleportation!

Being an esoteric knowledge by nature, it is not known how exactly it takes place, but theories and explanations have been abound. The most prevalent theory has to do with the concept of consciousness and will. The person wills to be some place, and he is then simply there an instant later.

The Arabic phrase perhaps best translates to "traversing the earth without moving". Some have termed it "moving by the earth being displaced under ones feet". It is a concept widely familiar to both Sufis, Sunnis, and Shias. Each group has a different interpretation on it. This concept has been around for centuries, and was in debate, long before its western contemporary counterparts surfaced in scientific and science fiction movies and circles.


Bizarre or dreamlike. When you take acid, it can be pretty bizarre as you hallucinate.

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